Let me reintroduce myself…

Hello Friends!  Because we did not have a scheduled artist planned today 😦 I decided to re-introduce myself.  I’m excited what the future of my Etsy Shop- SeaShellsbySeaShore,  has in store.  After a lot of great feedback we have officially decided to liquidate our other shop, BeachBumVintage (formerly known as BeachBumBeauties), and focus on one simply fabulous store!  I hope y’all enjoy my story and some recent photos from the beach.  I’m so happy each and every one of you are here, and I hope I can spread inspiration to you all.

To Start off,  My name is Lynnette Stirling.  I have created SeaShellsbySeaShore on Etsy.  My shop features my Coastal Inspired Art and Home Décor, Mermaid Hair & Jewelry Accessories, Nature’s Art Photography, Loose Sea Shells and Sea Life, and Vintage Treasures & Finds, and More Good Stuff like Various Supplies and other Handcrafted Items as well.  I am a ‘vintage’ girl at heart, and once owned a 2nd hand shop that was like a mini-mall.  We dealt with practically everything- and you’d be amazed at some of the treasures that would come into my shop. 

I live on North Padre Island near Corpus Christi, TX.  I have always had a passion for the sea, beach, and all it holds.  I began making art pieces out of some of my sea treasures.  I soon found the release I had been looking for.  I love nature, and using natural found objects like sea shells, coral, barnacles, and driftwood.  I am an avid recycler, and find great ways to reuse and rebirth the old, forgotten items in a person’s life, into my grand creations. 

Pelicans were at play all down the beach

Being the little vintage girl at heart, I also love making sea inspired hair pieces, with a vintage, nostalgic flare.  I call them my mermaid hair accessories- to satisfy everyone’s inner mermaid.  I started offering loose sea shells, and sea life in my shop several months ago and it has become quite successful.  I love offering them, and I hope they inspire and bring as much joy as they do me. 

I have struggled with an auto immune disease since 1997, and therefore had to close my physical store after being in business for almost 5 years.  Throughout my illness, I have had good bouts for some extended amount of time, and some bad periods as well.  I sold on eBay (off priced wholesale) for many years throughout dealing with my illness.  Once I became better again, I decided to look for outside work and had some very rewarding jobs, mostly in the restaurant business.  I love good food (and wine, hehe), and I certainly have ‘restaurant blood’ flowing through me.  I like late nights, and all it brings.  I once calculated I would have to live somewhere out past Hawaii on a remote island to actually say my sleeping and waking hours would be normal.


When I became ill again in April of 2010, I was hit pretty hard, and doctors deemed me disabled one month later.  I have yet to get better this time, but through the illness and Etsy, and my new life as an artist, I have found extreme peace and serenity.  Just recently however, I have been regaining some strength, and hope to continue on a upward path. Etsy has been a very welcome and inspiring experience.  I used to sell off price new clothing and soft goods on eBay for years and besides my regular cliental I had very little joy in doing what I did.  I did fabulous financially, but never had some of the relationships and out pour of community as Etsy have offered.

Since my illness I really ‘take the time to smell the roses’.  I find joy and peace in the littlest things- from laughter of my children, the birds in the morning, or the way a sea shell creates its own art canvas on the beach in the sand.  I find a lot of inspiration in my surroundings.  I feel a little bit closer to heaven on the beach.  Getting out outside near the water and enjoying the beauty in God’s creations is one of my favorite things.

I like spending time walking on the beach, fishing, watching birds, and of course, looking for new sea shells. My family has become true Beach Bums, and embraces my addiction very well.  It’s a win- win situation because even my family’s friends are always finding me cool things from beach salvage ‘trash’ to old collectibles to create with. I sit out every morning on my porch, with birds singing, and writing my list for today.  I like to wake up early, when no one is up, and sit out there.  I collect my thoughts for the day, and enjoy the beautiful, awesome world in front of me.  If anyone’s looking for me…look outside- somewhere near the water, enjoying the sun on my face!

My goal over the years is to be able to travel, and be somewhat of a nomad.  I want to visit other shores and coastlines, finding treasures of all types along the way.  People often laugh, because everything I have is for sale.  My attitude is I enjoy something for a period, sell it, and find new things to bring me joy.  The lifestyle of traveling, collecting, selling, and doing it all again is perfect for me!  I would love to sail a good portion of the time- spending great lengths of time off-shore. 



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