Special update to our friends & family of LovingCoastalLiving

Your sweet condolences, messages, &/or communications are very gracious. I really appreciate your kind words. Although things do seem crazy, and relief tends to be no where in sight, it really is slowly getting better for all of us in Texas. If we owe you as a client a refund, we will get your refund or product we are processing ASAP. I know it occasionally takes more time than I wish to actually get the money or package back into your account or on your doorstep. Funny how on most occasions, most institutions can take instantly but not ‘deposit’ for days, time has a different meaning for us all when life’s storm clouds hover! That being said, time frame generally can take 1-3 business days to even 7-10 business days for anything actually to appear on your side after it departs our studio. Regardless, I’ll get it issuing refunds & shipping packages to whoever has requested them, or that we owe, so that process can start.
In meantime, don’t give up on us! We are looking into some easier options for shipping gift packages that possibly don’t have such big expenses and lengthy paperwork for our international clients. If I get that figured out this week many of you may just be on the top on my list to send some type of sincere thank you to! We’d be nothing at all without customers like you. I really don’t have many more words to express how much your emails & other contact means to us. Knowing you all would put your own desires aside to make life a little less stressful on our end is priceless.
Thank you again, I’m know, no matter WHAT happens & what or how fast wee capable of accomplishing all this, you all are very close to our hearts!
Thanks again, please look for photos & updates on our social media sites as we ‘get back up & moving forward’…


Last words today from TheShellLady@LovingCoastalLiving.com
‘When life brings an abundant amount of rain or downpour onto you, remember, There’s always a season to prepare, a time to get ready. In another season, it’ll be time to plant seeds, then sow & cultivation begins all while tending to those crops and protecting them. Eventually another season will prevail! A time of incredible harvest and celebration!
Prepare, plant, sow, reap, and harvest y’all! It’ll all lead us to a celebration of AMAZING sacrifice & enjoyment together…’

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