Playing favorites…

Good ‘weekend’ morning! Quick post today?!


‘Official statement’ (so serious!)…
Loving Coastal Living/ formerly SeaShellsbySeashore from Etsy, & of course TheShellLady just want to clear the air quickly! We’ve decided to take on some fundraising. We currently are ‘struggling’ ourselves as a little family for more reasons than one. People tend to thinking of financial struggles first, which believe me we can relate! However life’s storms aren’t just about money! We often forget what we have till it’s gone, so we’ve made a conscience decision to worry less! Money & relationships come and go, life in general unfortunately does too. While life’s storms (not just Texas storms) hit when you’ve least expected, we are taking time, even when it’s seems there’s no more to give, to give back. Time will create itself if you focus. Rest, being fed, and paying bills is part of taking care of any family. TheShellLady and her family are getting back up, dusting off, and the business on a whole is slowly climbing back up that mountain. In that process, we’ve shifted our weight just a hair, and will also be choosing to support two outreach interests at this present time. HARD WORK will pay someone in need.

First intro…
Hill Country Community Ministries
Mail: P.O. Box 1064, Leander, TX  78646
Location: 1005 Lacy Drive, Leander, TX  78641
Phone 512-259-0360
Fax 512-259-2339
They’re a ‘busy beaver’, so if you want to know more about them, please go to their website. I personally can say when my broken little family needed help the most in this little town, they gave more than they could! Thank you! Regardless of one’s belief, our neighbors, picked us up and carried us when we couldn’t even stand.
We’ll be auctioning off this ‘restored & redesigned’ sculpture…soon! TheShellLady is almost done with the time consuming work and it’ll be ready to reveal. SEA more about it on our LinkedIn or other social media please.




It will be missed! But we know it’s bigger than us!

Second intro…
Ideacity 2015
Curious Mind Group of Companies
P.O. Box 92059 – 1427 Bellevue Avenue
West Vancouver, BC  V7T 1C3
Direct: 604-227-3563 | Cell: 604-780-9254
Calgary: 587-355-9959 x 102
Toronto: 647-799-0324 x 102

This is a ‘global’ mission to better not only Canadians but what they ‘get together & think up’. It’s touch in time could effect countless people worldwide. We are new to this playing field, but confident whatever small touch we make will effect someone’s life we may never have the privilege of meeting. So, we say let’s do it! We have nothing to lose? Just time! And..that my friends, we all either have too much of or not enough seconds in a day. We decide that.
If you or someone you know is interested in this BIG playing field…here’s the link to register with promo code for special perks.

Registration and Submissions

Now we’re registered as a Competitor, you can help us promote the conference to your networks; social media, web, email or other creative channels. When people register through our conference link using our referral code and payment is completed, we are “credited” with their registration.
TheShellLady’s attitude on this one is, who cares who’s credited! Someone will not only get a fabulous vacation, get to listen to awesome speakers, but in the end SOMEONE else will benefit too! You are a registrar or referrer have to use the link and code, but it will get you and others some cool stuff!

The link you will use to register guests is:

Your personalized Promo Code is:


Well ladies & gents, so much for short and sweet! I have more ‘work’ to do!
Y’all enjoy your weekend and let your heart lead you to anew direction.


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