Hard Life? Be Victorious!

#Update #News Coupon codes have been updated! Thank you for your understanding… due to Texas Storms, we may have to refund or substitute any part of your order! We may not have power, internet, water (or too much!), or plain old rest! We’re getting there! Slow & Steady!  If you’d like to purchase from us (that would really help! LOL), please email directly for special ‘code’ to enter site.  We can only handle ‘small bites’…

sandfest 030

(above photo from Texas Sandfest former years, not so soggy!)

We are a Strong Christian Family!
We do not believe you have to agree (we hope you do!), but ask you respect our Faith, as we’ll do the same to you. Our opinions are our own, and ‘follows’ do not equal endorsements. We are looking to tailor & mold struggling persons of ALL faith to live better, create, forgive, & LOVE more! If you or someone you know would be interested in making our products for a good percentage of the profits, please contact TheShellLady@LovingCoastalLiving.com. One person or family simply doesn’t have to do everything! We have always been provided for, even when it was at the last breath!
We reserve the right to refuse, alter, substitute, or refund ANY order. Rudeness will not be tolerated, we are patient, kind, & humble and will treat you with respect if we are treated the same!

#Loving #Coastal #Living #embraces the #spirit of #Sea! We #hope our products help you #celebrate & #express that #tranquil, #reminiscent #feeling that is only #achieved when you are #walking sandy, #endless #shorelines. Whether the #Ocean is your backyard, or you’re #creating your very own #tropical #DIY #paradise- come #decorate with us! We hope every piece brings you #Joy!
#Artist #TheShellLady of #LovingCoastalLiving lives near #beautiful North Padre #Island along the #coast of Texas. She #loves #spending #countless hours on the #beach year round, & is a #true Beach Bum! She typically has a #shell in her pocket, & #sand in #between her #toes. Lynnette says she #feels a little #closer to #heaven on the beach & wherever her #journey in #life #takes her, she #hopes its #near the sea. She hopes to #share that very same spirit in every #piece (#PEACE) that #leaves our studio’s doors.

#BELIEVE & #Inspiration from top #Pinterest top pings, #top selfies, top tweets, best of best on #instragram! Please feel free to ‘HOOK UP’ & ‘catch’ us on #LinkedIn…

Lynnette fought (#healed) a chronic neuro/auto-immune disease/anemia?, that has been deemed to very challenging. It ‘first’ appeared as an adult in 1997. She had good days, even months, but was been deep in the illness for the past five years. She always said her body may be broken, but her spirit is alive and well! She continually pushes to do more, & has never-ending, multiple paged ‘to do’ /creating lists at all times.
Lynnette has an old style soul & is a vintage girl at heart. She owned an antique & second hand store for over 4 years. She closed the shop in 2004 when her illness became too overwhelming (many amends&debt to ‘repay’ on that one!) & her father was diagnosed with an alcohol induced dementia. She definitely dreams of owning a quaint, little home by the sea where she envisions creating, & sharing her treasures- vintage and coastal inspired decor alike, while travelling and inspiring others to BE MORE! She’s a ‘natural born’ storyteller, and realized her calling prior 4th grade at a small community public school. Pushed by amazing teachers, many mentors, and countless hours of time learning (& failing miserably!), she is patient, humble, & very good! She loves what God has done in her life, and gives HIM all the credit, along with a supportive, fabulous, and amazing husband, family, and friends that are understanding and patient as well. We all get tired, confused, & are broken in every possible way. Like the legend of the sand dollar there truly is a way! Everyone that gets ‘lost’ doesn’t always want to be found… True nomads near the SEA.
Lynnette loves to use many vintage, antique, & repurposed ‘trash’ items in her coastal artwork. She is a hard core individual about recycling, reusing, & reducing any excess in her home & lifestyle. Her family assists in that patiently & with passion, although jokes often she is a true ‘organized’ hoarder! She is married to her best friend & sweetheart for 20+ years & counting, three amazing children, & cares for her ‘disabled’ gifted father while trying to keep up the fight the of the past illness that had plagued her for so many years, all while bringing you the outstanding and creative artwork & coastal products you love. She came from the poorest of poor, but never felt that way–we all measure our riches differently- Lynnette just found hers the ‘Easy’ Way!


About seashellsbyseashore

Main--www.LovingCoastalLiving.com Blogger, Sea Shell/ Nature Inspired Artist, Collector of all things cool & Vintage, Mother of 3 amazing children, Wife to my Best Friend, mother of 3 fabulous bloodhounds! I'm on Etsy too, stop by & SEA us! www.seashellsbyseashore.etsy.com and on Twitter as @LuckySeaBean- and facebook as well! lol http://www.facebook.com/SeaShellsbySeaShore.LovingCoastalLiving Find some of my other cool links on my main website! Loving Coastal Living all the time!
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2 Responses to Hard Life? Be Victorious!

  1. kbandaruk says:

    Keep the faith! It’s refreshing to read about someone who is standing for what they believe which is hard these days. Amen!!!

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