California Sand Artists

Today we re-share one of our most popular blog posts featuring the fabulous, Andres Amador, earthscape artist.  We’ve recently discovered another California sand artist named Jim Denevan too!

No canvas is too big for Jim Denevan. This Santa Cruz-based artist is known for his massive drawings on beaches, in the desert, and on snow covered landscapes. We recently got a chance to catch up with Denevan to learn more about his work.

From San Francisco’s Ocean Beach to Siberia’s Lake Baikal to the dry deserts of Nevada, Denevan has been creating these colossal drawings for 16 years, most of which are drawn using driftwood or rakes.” –  Huffington Post

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You might recognize his beach art but not his name — San Francisco earthscape artist, Andres Amador, has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Sally Lee by the Sea and his photos can be seen across social media on Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr!

Andres recently shared on his Facebook page, “This is the most recent marriage proposal Ember and I did at the end of 2013. I love the message that speaks to something much larger the proposal.” Believe!

Believe sand art

Created in December 2013, the below piece of sand art was created in one of Andres favorite coves in Santa Cruz. The finished masterpiece is titled, Bubbles II.

Andres Amador sand art on beach

Andres was playing with a spiral-based design in Santa Cruz, California…

Sand art on beach by Andres Amador 2

A pic of Andres, “doing his thing.” Photo by Michelle Ranson

Beach Sand Artist, Andres Amador.

Sand art

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