Coming Soon! Sliced Nautilus Shells

The Shell Lady likes to keep things fresh so look what we have coming to our store soon: Sliced Natural Tiger-Striped Nautilus Shells as well as Sliced Pearl Nautilus Shells. We’ll be adding a variety of sizes and the shells will be available as a half, 2 halves, or even just a center cut nautilus.

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Beginning with a large circular opening, a Tiger-Striped Nautilus Shell spirals into a tight ball, its whorl keeping to a smooth plane and not extending outward on either side. A creamy, light chocolate coloration adorns the entire shell, except where the tiger stripes occur. Each narrow segment of the spiral displays a dark orange stripe on one edge of the segment, with the stripe thicker at the segment’s hump and narrowing down toward the interior of the spiral.

The Pearl Nautilus Shell is coiled and pressure resistant, imploding at a depth of about 800 metres. The nautilus shell is composed of two layers: a matte white outer layer, and a striking white iridescent inner layer. The innermost portion of the shell is a pearlescent blue-gray.

We’ll be adding a variety of sizes soon and the shells will be available as a half, 2 halves, or even just a center cut nautilus! Our center cut shells will come with the center slice alone or all three pieces for you to display.  What will you create?  How would you display?

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3 Responses to Coming Soon! Sliced Nautilus Shells

  1. Cynthia Waechter says:

    A one of a kind inspiring shop. It’s not just any shop. Love and caring go into every item created. To watch her create is truly a treat and how much caring goes into each and every item is more than one would expect. I am truly Blessed to have a daughter and friend all in one. God Bless this caring shop and may he continue to inspire all that she does along with her supportive family.
    Mom and Crazy Grandma

    • Much of my inspiration comes from my mother! Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader and such an inspiration in my life. I couldn’t have got to where I’m at in life without the support of you! I guess you could say I ‘take after my mother’, crazy lady!
      Love you,
      Your daughter-
      The Shell Lady,

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