Summer salad, Moroccan Style

Good morning!  Last night I posted on Facebook that my soon and I made a dish for a school project. I wanted to share the recipe, because it really turned out fabulous! Whether you serve it warm as a side dish, our chilled add a great summer salad, its up to you. Unfortunately I had created the post earlier last night, and lost it, so there won’t be any pretty pictures today. Now, for those cooks that do precise cooking by measurements. This will frustrate you, I cook the old fashioned way and don’t measure anything. So bare with me, play with it! You’ll love the results.
Now originally this called for couscous. But, because I didn’t have any on hand, use your preference. I substituted a very small pasta. The pasta was no bigger than a grain of rice.
Couscous is preferred, but you can use the tiny pasta, or just over cook some rice.
Here we go!
Begin your couscous (our pasta), about 4-6 servings
In a skillet, sautee one medium finely diced onion in olive oil. We want to brown these. About half way through browning them, add two handfuls of pine nuts and continue to brown both items. Once slightly brown, turn down heat to medium, and add one small can finely diced black olives, one generous handful of white raisins, and and half a handful of diced dried apricots. Continue to sautee everything on medium heat. You can then add salt and red pepper to taste.
Drain your pasta or fluff couscous, and begin gradually adding to sauteed items. Add more salt and red pepper to taste.
As an optional item, I also added two large spoonfuls of sweetened lemon curd. You can buy this lovely spreadable curd at most gourmet stores.  It added a terrific sweet, citrus, tangy overlay to the salty, mildly spicy dish.  Note, you can substitute the red pepper for black pepper.

It was so yummy! Even my 12 year old soon was gobbling up a bowl before we packaged it up for the class. (And we both don’t like olives! ) no ingredient was overpowering. Such a great dish.



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