Personal Thoughts

Wow. Has it really almost been the entire month since I’ve posted?  What a bad blogger I am.  Even you only knew how many times I said to myself, I should blog this, or I should share this, wow, my readers and friends would love this? Well, as you know- none of those quick little entries ever came your way 😦

I enjoy blogging ever so much, but lately between my workload and fighting this auto immune disease, life’s been, well, crazy.  I thank God everyday for all the amazing response from customers and the steady increase and favor in my art and business.  It’s truly a joy and blessing to do what I love, and be successful doing it.  I literally could not at this point in my illness work outside the home.  Especially lately my battle with everyday loss of energy, strength, pain & discomfort, and all the other day to day ailments.  I’m amazed that at this point God has never given me too much to handle, even in the mist of my struggles.  I require frequent breaks, rest, laying in bed creating- but so far have got the job down!  I work hard every minute I can, and do the smaller things in between.

Since my recent addition to the bridal and wedding section to my list of to do’s- I’ve found great happiness working with brides-to-be.  After the many years in fine dining, and special events planning- it’s really a perfect fit for me.  I love reliving one of the happiest moments in my life with each and every bride!  I am one of the lucky women in life that have the most fantastic husbands anyone could ask for, so knowing that these ladies I work with have a chance of taking the most fabulous journey of their lives with their grooms makes me even more ecstatic to know I helped plan or decorate their special day. If they only experience a fraction of the joy I have with my husband, they will lead a very special life.

I find myself branching out with my art everyday- trying new things, and wanting to literally do everything.  My mind is like a racing machine filled with ideas, and new techniques, and some craziness, lol.  I can’t wait to bring some of those ideas to life.  If you only had an inkling of what’s in store- you’d be exploding inside like me.

We’ve had some great family time lately, and our last recent trip to my Aunts and to see Grandma was fabulous as always.  We had more time to visit, brainstorm, and for me to suck ideas right out of my Aunts head.  She is a mastermind!  Mastermind of decorating, organizing, entertaining, and more.  We are two peas in a pod, I so wish I was a little closer.  I am inspired around her, and she encourages me in everything!  I’m already looking forward to the next trip, and we just visited a couple weeks ago!

One thing I have been a slacker on, is uploading new photography for sale.  I am constantly snapping pictures, and on our recent trip to the Hill Country north of Austin, Texas, we happened to be visiting during the explosion of the Texas State flower- Bluebonnet season.  If you’ve never experience a field full of bluebonnets, and other Texas wildflowers, you’re really missing out.  I will try to be diligent to add some photos soon.  I love sharing them more than most know. It’s not a big seller, but who cares- I love having camera in hand and sharing my view of beauty within the world.  On our trip, I brought extra cameras for my children to take pictures as they wanted.  Just whenever they felt like grabbing it.  I kept them charged up, and kept the memory cards ready for whatever caught their eyes.  Some of the photos were terrific.  Matthew, my husband, and I have decided to make it a point to just take a small trip, even if its just 30-45 minutes out- and get out and let the kids do some photo taking.  I know we’ll all enjoy it!

I’m going wrap things up with some pictures from my garden in my back yard.  I keep adding, re potting, planting seeds, and so on.  It is one of my happy places, and a spend many ‘breaks’ out working in my yard.

I’ll try to write sooner, rather than later!

Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead!



About seashellsbyseashore Blogger, Sea Shell/ Nature Inspired Artist, Collector of all things cool & Vintage, Mother of 3 amazing children, Wife to my Best Friend, mother of 3 fabulous bloodhounds! I'm on Etsy too, stop by & SEA us! and on Twitter as @LuckySeaBean- and facebook as well! lol Find some of my other cool links on my main website! Loving Coastal Living all the time!
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