Spring Break is Here

Well Coastal Lovers alike, today marks the official beginning of Spring Break on Padre Island.  To clarify, I do not live in South Padre- that is over 2 hours from me.  Padre Island is the largest barrier island in the US, and I live on the more tranquil portion of North Padre, or Upper Padre.  However, this coming week, our tranquility will leave our fabulous island and Spring Breakers from all over Texas will come pouring onto our shores… Basically it will go from this-

to this:

I’ll be leaving mid week to get away from it all!  What takes us 20 minutes to get on the island from Corpus Christi, will go to 4+ hours just to get home.  All of the islanders hate going over that bridge anyway, but you really have to need something to go in town anytime soon!  Better pack a lunch!

Just so everyone’s aware- I will not be taking any Custom Beach Writing in Sand this upcoming week!

So all the Spring Breakers out there- BE SAFE, Remember we Live Here!  Please clean up the beaches when you leave!


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4 Responses to Spring Break is Here

  1. Kate says:

    I feel for ya, I’m from South Florida that is way I felt about “snowbirds” You couldn’t go to any restaurants until they left in April, well unless you wanted to wait for while. Plus driving around them just increases your road rage. I now live in Savannah GA and we have our “season” too but thank goodness its nothing like Florida. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Judy Schlotman says:

    I feel your pain. I live in a beach vacation town in the northwest. It is not quite as bad at spring break although families and groups of young people do come and the town fills up but summer is pretty crazy.

  3. Eh gads! We’re neighbors with Judy, so we do understand crazy touristas!

  4. Enjoy your time away! I miss the beaches of North Padre – Mustang Island!!!! But I don’t blame you – I haven’t done Spring Break there since 1988!!!!!

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