After searching my heart and soul for a meaningful New Years Resolution, I could come up with, well,  zero. Nada,  zlitch,  nothing that really expressed truly what I felt was something but the same old hum drum,  nonsense you hear in brief moments of motivation.  So,  instead of me setting goals that would fade like the sunset in the west, I decided to do something different.  Instead of making a promise to myself to make some major change that most likely I would forget in a month or two, here’s what I came up with.
Beginning yesterday,  I began my 365, (actually 366, this year) Day of Thanks. Each day my goal is to share one thing I can find thanks for. I’ve found so far,  I can really think of so many things I am grateful for,  its hard at this point to just pick one thing.  I realize this its only Day 2, but just trying to pin point one item to choose from,  seems so little.  Its odd,  when you start to look at what makes you happy and brings you joy,  the list seems endless. I know a lot of us,  including myself,  sometimes get caught up in all the problems we have, or challenges we face day to day,  but like I stated before,  once you begin actually looking for things to be thankful for, its seems contagious in your mind.  I’ve found myself in the past several days since I decided this, being overwhelmed with ‘good thoughts’ & memories.  Not to mention all the future plans, hopes, & dreams I have.  I’ve also found my attitude its crazy GOOD.  I just can’t bring myself to focus on the bad.  Again,  this its Day 2, but its my hopes that this contagious thought process carries on well through the New Year like second nature.

I will post Day 2 sometime today.
Please follow me on Facebook or Twitter for up to date postings day to day. Some of my daily thoughts will be published here,  some with a story behind them,  others just the comment of what I’m thankful for. I truly encourage you to try this out.  I’m amazed at the results do early in the game!  Its only been floating around my head for 3-4 days or so,  and I can’t express enough the feeling of Joy it opens.  So to all my friends,  I’m wishing you a very Happy New Year. 
So, to recap yesterday- Day 1- I’m thankful for someone showing a passion for something I love.

Here was an excerpt of some of my journal notes, hope it brightens your day!
*’Live like my body has no illness, push my limits like I have none,  when I’m tired – I’ll rest my head ,  when I overdo it- I’ll set back and look at what I’ve accomplished,  and then wake up and do it all again. Each day I will strive to be better, live healthier, and just be a better woman of God. I’ll count my blessings and leave my thoughts and mind open for Gods plenty in my life. When I’m feeling down,  I’ll find joy in the small pleasures that bring me hope and peace and pass in that goodness to all I meet.
365 days of thanks’

Thanks!  Lynnette


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One Response to New Years RESOLUTION

  1. Susie says:

    What a wonderful resolution and so inspiring! We all need to give more thanks for all our
    blessings each and every day.
    Hope you are feeling well this year,


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