Please Welcome Priscilla- Our Latest Featured Artist!

I met Priscilla on one of my Linked In Groups.  Her craft is truly unique, and would make a lovely gift for those hard to find people on your Christmas List.  The detail of her unique items surpasses far from the typical jewelry piece you may find anywhere.  It’s truly a pleasure to introduce her today!


My name is Priscilla Thenard I live in Geneva – the french part of Switzerland, but this is only true part of the year. I travel a lot in Central and South America and in India. I am mostly inspired by my travels, the nature, the people I meet, smells, colors, noise, silence. All these different little things keeps feeding and growing my inspiration. 3 years ago I decided to remit from my office job to travel for a while. During this travel I learned different tecnics of macrame and started living from my art. I took a wonderful pleasure of living from something I was creating with my hands. I continued improving myself and decided to continue this way. Since now 2 years I sell on markets in different places around the world. Now I decided to open my online jewelry shop on I love natural stones and the energy they bring in my life. I take a very special attention on the way they are cut and worked out. I want to have a total social and comercial consciousness in my creations. Apart from the stone I use a waxed thread made of polyester. The reason I use synthetic thread is for longlasting pieces. From my own experience when I like a piece I want it to last. I travel a lot and enjoy discovering about other cultures, this brought me to develop my spiritual side. I like to learn new languages, artistic traditions, anything new and different. I need to be learning in permanance. All of my pieces start from a new energy, a new experience, a new inspiration. I enjoy making all of them for what they represent on a personal meaning. I choosed each stone personally and the moment I start to carve the channel or decide of the thread color is always very exciting. I have a blog since July 2011 to present my artwork and a facebook page “Kaprisc Creations” as well twitter / linkedIn accounts under my real name Priscilla Thenard. I hope you’ll enjoy my creations the way I enjoy creating!

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