New Interview with an Artist- Please Welcome BEACHBUMCHIX

BeachBumCix by Lisa, was one of our Blog Winners about a month ago.  I’ve had the privilege to get to know her over the month, and she amazes me with her spirit.  She has a wholesome love of the sea and beach, and it shows in every image she photographs.  Here’s your chance to get to know her as well!  So grab a cup of Jo or Tea- and help me welcome Lisa to the Blog.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, shop or selling venues.

I’m a native southeast florida beach bum with sand in my flip-flops. I was raised on sunshine and salty air. as a beach bum, I’m looking for a way to perfect the art of doing nothing, but also want to share all the tropical loveliness of a typical day in paradise.  You know that feeling of laying on the beach with the warm sand beneath you and the warm sun above, waves rolling in on the shore, balmy breezes cooling your skin, and a feeling of such complete relaxation and peace that it’s hard to even raise your arm to put on sunscreen…that’s the feeling I love and really try to convey in my photography.

What are some things that bring you joy or inspire you?
My three-year old miracle daughter brings me joy and inspires me…it’s hard to even mention anything else in the same sentence, but… there are some things that inspire my photography like bright green coconuts, orange hibiscus, hot pink bougainvillea, turquoise water and warm tan sand, wind flapping through sails and rigging clanking on masts, citrus scents and orange blossoms…in other words, the beach and all things related to it.
I’m also inspired by the idea of the camera being a silent witness to things happening in life…just the ordinary, otherwise possibly mundane things that become elevated to the extraordinary, miraculous and memorable because someone chose to pay careful attention to or “focus” on them.
Do you work outside the home or are you self-employed?
I am thankfully self-employed, which allows me to be at home with that little bundle of joy and inspiration.
What are some of your favorites (websites, materials, food, books, other people’s work, etc.)?
I really appreciate the art of summing up a moment or an emotion in an image or with a few words…love a great wordsmith.  a couple of my favorite quotes are…

“exhaust the little moment, for soon it dies, be it gash or gold it will not come again in this identical disguise.” ~ gwendolyn brooks

and this line from Cormac McCarthy’s book the road, “the child was my warrant. if he is not the word of God then God never spoke.”  with those few simple words you know, and can relate to, exactly how that man felt about his son.
Where do you live and do you hope to live elsewhere?
right now I split time between south florida and north Georgia.  there are lots of places I’d love to live…all near the water.  i have this dream of living on a sailboat with my husband, daughter, and dog and island hopping through the Caribbean, taking pictures of it all.
What are some of your short and long term goals overall?
to raise my daughter…to be happy, healthy, and at peace…to improve my craft and have it appreciated..
What is your most treasured possession and why?
Sounds like pandering, but photographs. My father passed a while back and I’m so grateful to have pictures of him.
Do you have a religious or spiritual background?
yes, both. Life has been a lot of “gash and gold”…I cannot imagine it without having a God to whom I can plead or offer praise. 
anything else?

want you to know how much I appreciate you for choosing to feature beach bum chix on your blog and your readers for taking a quiet moment out of a busy day to get to know me!

beach bum chix
The above site offers links to her Etsy shop, as well as provides fabulous info about her work.
Love what you’ve seen- we’d love if you left a comment below letting her know!  Thanks Friends!

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3 Responses to New Interview with an Artist- Please Welcome BEACHBUMCHIX

  1. ES says:

    Excelllant interview, most of all fantastic photography. I get it, and its just so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful interview. Love the photographs, they really speak the emotions the artist is striving to create. Great job and beautiful work.

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