Post surgery update


My surgery last Wednesday went well. However I came our of the gate running a bit too fast and have quickly lost steam. I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past several days from just plain over doing it. I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend with my family and a refreshed outlook next week.
Our next featured artist is still scheduled on time for Monday. I know you all will enjoy it.

Giveaway notes
Today marks the official close of the giveaway for advertising on the site. Sometime today I’ll be tallying up everyone’s entries and visiting to draw the two winners. I also have a bit of a surprise twist as well, so stay tuned for the official announcement later today.

As always God Bless, and I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.


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One Response to Post surgery update

  1. ES says:

    Pls stay down, take the time to heal. Your body has spoken my friend. Enjoy the sun and breeze and try to turn that head off, meditate, pray and sleep.

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