Please Welcome Rae of SeaPosie on Etsy

Please let me introduce Rae, of SeaPosie on Etsy.  Her featured spot here on LovingCoastalLiving is well overdo, so sit, back, grab a cup of mocha coffee (I like a dash of peppermint too!) and let’s enjoy her story.  Many thanks to everyone, including Rae, for their patience during my move to the new house!  Today I also have two special picks by my daughter’s (my little artist’s of our BeachBumBeauties Shop).  Let’s begin, ~Lynnette

A little about her:

A few years back I relocated to the Wenatchee Valley from Seattle Washington, better known as “The Coast” to the residents this side of the mountains. Originally I opened a small specialty food shop in the downtown area of Wenatchee from which I also displayed and sold my ‘Homesick Coastie’ seashell art. Eventually the seashell art was outselling the food items so I made the choice to focus on it and closed the food shop and moved into a bigger studio space, selling locally at the farmers markets, online on ebay and my own website, with a change of name to Seaposie. I currently am only listing online at Etsy (  I specialize in seashell flowers but also make seashell frames, boxes, and jewelry, ornaments, wreaths, garlands and picture frames along with an occasional vintage seashell restoration and/or custom order. 

Rae’s First Sale in her Etsy Shop- notice the tiny Sea Urchin Spines on the corner’s- what attention to detail!

Beautiful Shell Mirror- hand picked as favorite by Savannah (Youngest daughter of my beachbumbeauties)

What are some things that bring you joy or inspire you?

A windy day beachcombing. Nothing better. Inspiration is everywhere, in the water, in the sand, in the smells. Saltwater…

LovingCoastalLiving’s Seasonal Pick! Sea Shell Tree

Do you work outside the home, or are you self-employed?

My husband’s job keeps us travelling/relocating every couple years so I work from my home studio exclusively. I have amassed a large collection of seashells at first by beach combing and also purchasing them, occasionally importing some from other countries. I am careful to not purchase endangered species or anything that was collected live for purposes other than human consumption or bivalve population management. I only purchase from conscientious companies that follow all rules and regulations of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) International Agreement.

Caribbean Colors Seashell Frame

How long have you been creating, and why did you begin?

I have been working with and creating my shell art pieces for about 7 years but have been a artist, of many different mediums since I was a small child and set up my 1st art studio area in my grandmothers basement in Seattle. Nature has always provided the supplies, be it clay, pinecones, wood, flowers or seashells, there is always an abundance of raw materials begging to be arranged into something new. My favorite is the seashells, and I would be arrogant to think I can improve on something so unimaginably beautiful. Nature makes them and I just arrange them in a way I find pleasing and hope others do as well.

Sea Shell Flowers- Amazing!   and more Shell Flowers…

What are some of your favorites (websites, materials, foods, books, other people’s work, etc.)

My favorite website is where I find others like me, making their passions come to life and sharing them with the world – Etsy of course. I am amazed at the beautiful work I see displayed by the artists from around the world on Etsy. My favorite magazine is Coastal Living. I love to look and daydream of someday living in one of the fantastic coastal homes – or maybe someday one of my pieces will be on a wall in one of the houses pictured! That would be great!

Caviar Star seashell ornament

Where do you live, and do you hope to live elsewhere?

I live with my youngest son Aidan, (oldest, Anthony, is proudly attending UW in Seattle), my wonderful husband Kevin and my Siberian Husky Stoli in East Wenatchee, Washington. I would love to move to the north east coast when the children are all grown, hopefully to a picturesque little fishing town, and maybe live in an old lighthouse. That would be so peaceful.  

Perfect way to say “I love (heart) you”- picked by oldest of my BeachBumBeauties- Mattalyn

What are some of your short and long term goals overall?

I am somewhat of an introvert thus I enjoy my quiet alone time working in the studio. Just having the opportunity, weather I make any money or not, is amazing. I thank my husband for providing and hope someday my art sales will make a larger contribution the household finances.

What is your most treasured possession, and why?

I think my collection of my grandfathers “fish balls”, better known as glass floats, are my favorite and most treasured possession. My grandfather passed shortly before I was born so I never had the honor of meeting him. He had served in the Navy and then was a longshoreman. He had finished the basement walls in his home in old reclaimed shiplap boards and had the fish balls and nets hanging on a hook down there. That became my favorite place to be, where I spent my time, built my 1st art studio and eventually made into my bedroom. When my grandmother passed many years later my uncle retrieved the floats and made sure I got them. I will pass them to my children someday, along with grandpas’ Navy uniform and old steamer trunk.

~Thank you so much Rae for sharing your story with us today!  You have a true gift for what you do, and it’s certainly an amazing skill to tackle!  Wishing you success in your Etsy Shop.

~Lynnette of and

**UPDATE – Rae does have a Facebook page for SeaPosie. She’s still working on it but lets give her a bunch of new fans. Please go to and add her my liking her page!


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5 Responses to Please Welcome Rae of SeaPosie on Etsy

  1. Rae says:

    Thank you Lynette! It is an honor to be featured on your site!

  2. Crciket says:

    Beautiful.. stunning.. such creative and gorgeous pieces!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Norman Dupriest says:

    Hello. fantastic job. I did not anticipate this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

  4. henrietta says:

    there are beautiful

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