The calm before the storm…literally


As my family makes small preparations for the upcoming Tropical Storm Don, I sit on the back porch enjoying the cool ocean breezes before it hits later tomorrow. The forecast brings the storm straight over us.  It’s not expected to strengthen to a hurricane and hopefully it will bring our area and Texas some well needed rainfall.  In order to penetrate such dry drought conditions we need a slower, steady rain.  It will also make enough impact to wake up some of the residences in this area that we all live in hurricane prone areas.  Sometimes we all get a little comfortable and specially before the bulk of the season in among us.
I look forward to getting the storm for some of the various reasons above.  Living on the island verus inland we all stay on top of the weather much more.  We will finish up our outside preparation tomorrow beforehand.
I also certainly look forward to all the awesome beach debris and shells. I’ve found some of my greatest treasure after hurricanes.  I’ll be sure ti share some treasures with you all!
So, here’s to a good sleep so we can finish up and wait for a good cleansing.
For up to date statements and images please go to Weather Underground.  It’s the best and most informative site for the tropics.
Here’s a mobile snapshot from the back porch.


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2 Responses to The calm before the storm…literally

  1. 4otomo says:

    Great image, like the way the sun punces through the clouds 🙂

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