Entryways & Foyers 101

A Beach (and non beach) Home’s Entryway or Foyer is a small area, but a very important space in your home.  It sets the mood and establishes your personality for you and your guests.  Using space wisely will pay off, and eliminate additional work throughout the rest of your home.

When you think of designing a good entryway- try to think of ‘The Basics’.  Here’s a list of some of the simplest, yet very effective essentials to making your space work for you.

  • Doormat
  • Bench
  • Baskets/ Bins
  • Mirror
  • Lighting
  • Small End Table/ Hallway Table

These sound simple- well, they’re supposed to be!  I’m here to cover some quick and easy ways to improve your space.

Provide bins or storage for family members.  This will help keep you foyer area clean and tidy- and not looking like a yard sale.  There are many great storage spaces out there today, and you need to figure out what works for you and your family.  Depending on ages, height, professions, etc will determine which storage system will work best. Some simple solutions are small wall bins or cubbys for each family member.  You can use these systems to hold permission slips, lunch money, invitations, letters, etc.  Fold up all purpose bins are great as well, because when they’re not in use- they can easily fold up and stored.

Some benches provide not only a place to sit, and take care of business before entering- or leaving, but many double as great storage centers themselves.  Even if the bench doesn’t have built in storage- you can easily buy small bins that slide underneath.  There are an ample variety of colors, textures, etc. that can describe your personality and way of decorating.  Our entrance outside has a large covered garden area.  It doesn’t get a huge amount of light being covered, but it we are working on that.  What is does provide is a great extension of space.  We actually have our bench, and small storage areas for shells, and other little beach pickups, right outside.  For really sandy feet, the shoes can actually sit outside until cleaned.  We have some beautiful fragrant jasmine plants planted out there, and it provides a great sweeping soft smell as you enter.  We have an old antique ice chest inside for shoes- I love its character and the look it gives the room.

If you have a closet in your foyer- keep it clean and tidy! Don’t use it as a catch all storage for vacuum cleaners, unused luggage, or other items that could be storage elsewhere.  The goal would be to use the closet solely as organized storage for family members.  If it is a deeper closet- try installing a 2nd rod towards the back so you can rotate coats by season. It’s also a great area to store extra bins for the sporting flavor of the month.  Try to keep up open spaces for quick hiding spaces for fast decluttering when guests arrive unexpectedly.

Good doormats both in and outside the door are preferred.  Sandy, wet feet, can add a load of chores to your list.  Doormats and even small area rugs are a no-brainer when it comes to keeping the rest of your home clean.

A good sized mirror will not only help open up the space, but will also be appreicated for a quick freshen up, whether entering or departing.  Try to position the mirror above a small table, with some small creative containers, dishes, etc. to hold keys, sunglasses, dog leash, and other well loved items as you dash out the door.  Save yourself some time hunting around by reinforcing keeping those items handy.  I’ve also found a small trash bin will help you reduce unneeded tidbits of trash in pockets, or plain old junk mail.

Proper lighting is always a must.  Not only will it make it easier when looking through bins, but a nice bright entrance is inviting.

There are some other simple solutions for dependent on the needs of your family-

  • Good old fashioned Coat Racks
  • Rubber Mats to store wet shoes or rain boats
  • Use a small clothesline to a sense of country style, and use clothes pins to hang gloves or hats
  • Umbrella Stands or baskets
  • Bulletin or dry erase boards- or even magnet clips if you have a metal door
  • Wall hooks or small shelf style rods

Spend more time doing what you love- and less time fussing and fretting over this little space.  Once you have a good method and design in place, get outside -your beach awaits you- enjoy!


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