>SeaShellsbySeaShore welcomes our first featured artist!


We are glad to announce Felisa!  She is a hard working mother of two that designs gorgeous Sea Inspired Jewelry on Etsy.

A little about Felisa…

I’m married and I’m a mother to two young boys. Being a “Mommy” is most rewarding! During my personal time, I enjoy making jewelry, reading books, and baking.
This year I opened up my online shop at www.DesignsByFelisa.Etsy.com where you can find my coastal and nature inspired jewelry and at times I list designed compact mirrors. I also accept orders via e-mail –CraftsByFelisa@gmail.com, or on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Designs-Crafts-by-Felisa/123164681093875

It brings me complete joy when I can make another person happy. For example, when a stranger, friend, or family member appreciates my work, is completely satisfied with their order, and refers my shop to others. I also love it when my children tell me “ooh” or enjoys looking at my final piece.
I’ve always been a creative person by heart but when I had children, my devotion and time was theirs. Early last year when my mother passed away, it was a difficult time for me; however, I found my craftsmanship extremely therapeutic. It was as if I rekindled my relationship with my creative side. Since then, I’ve dedicated more personal time to enjoy crafting and creating beautiful coastal and nature inspired jewelry.
Currently, Etsy is one of my favorite websites – not only because I have an online shop there, but also the fact that Etsy has other wonderful and talented artist & crafters.  I love using sea shells, polymer clay, resin, acrylic paint, and river rocks as part of my materials. I enjoy reading jewelry books and I admire Matthew H. James – a Mixed Media Artist based in New York. 

I reside in Mountain House of California. It’s approximately 2 hours away from the Pacific Ocean. I enjoy where I live because it’s peaceful and it’s not that far of a drive to the Bay Area. Special moments with my husband and family take place along the coastal line.

Some of my short term goals are to familiarize myself with local craft events, and to meet other jewelry makers in my area. This will lead into my long term goals, which is to participate in local craft shows and festivals; encourage young adults to explore their creative side, and to volunteer my time hosting river rock painting sessions and jewelry making classes at a geriatrics facility.  
 I am a spiritual person and I believe in God.

~Thanks for sharing Felisa!  We wish you an exciting, and successful year ahead!

*If you are interested in being a featured artist on our blog- please email me at byHisgrace30@gmail.com

About seashellsbyseashore

Main--www.LovingCoastalLiving.com Blogger, Sea Shell/ Nature Inspired Artist, Collector of all things cool & Vintage, Mother of 3 amazing children, Wife to my Best Friend, mother of 3 fabulous bloodhounds! I'm on Etsy too, stop by & SEA us! www.seashellsbyseashore.etsy.com and on Twitter as @LuckySeaBean- and facebook as well! lol http://www.facebook.com/SeaShellsbySeaShore.LovingCoastalLiving Find some of my other cool links on my main website! Loving Coastal Living all the time!
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11 Responses to >SeaShellsbySeaShore welcomes our first featured artist!

  1. Linda says:

    >Very nice feature but the photos are not showing up.

  2. >Hmm…they're here on my phone- I'll check into it.

  3. Felisa says:

    >If only my Mom could see what I've created this past year…………Thanks again for the feature, Lynnette!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    >My family and I received our compact mirrors,and assorted jewelries. Very well done and very attractive. I have a very hectic calander and if I can order online, the better — I will def order more! Keep up the good work Felisa!

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Keep up the good work Felisa.

  6. >Those are beautiful. What a great idea. http://divineinmind.blogspot.com/

  7. Lisa says:

    >Great Blog Feature Felisa and I agree…crafting and creating is very theraputic.

  8. Anonymous says:

    >Very nice! Will share this feature with others!

  9. Tide says:

    >Felisa your work and photos are stunning! Very interesting interview. I'm excited to read more from this blog – thanks for sharing the link.~Tide Together from Sea of Love on Etsy

  10. >Thank you Felisa for sharing with us all! It was an honor having you.~Lynnette

  11. CMM Jewelry says:

    >LOVE the wine charms!!!

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